Judaism At A Glance

Judaism is the religion that was established long before the Catholic Church. Its difference is that the latter had begun at the age of the said messiah. Judaism has been in existence and this religion has its main teachings comes from the Torah. There are about 13.1 million of Jews located around the world. Most of the population is located in Israel and in the US. There are many who had migrated from Israel. Judaism and the Jews could not be separated from each other.

Judaism now exists for about 3,500 years and is said to be founded by Moses. They had the faith to one God who had made a covenant with them. This same God has given and is giving them good things so they must maintain their covenant with God. In this religion, the leaders are called a rabbi. It is said that  Jews were originally called Hebrews from the time of Abraham. Now they are residing in Jerusalem where Christianity is viewed to have started.

There are many people who identify themselves as Jewish without necessarily believing in, or observing, any Jewish law. The Jews are also called Israelites that came from the name of Jacob when it was changed into Israel. Judah, the son of Jacob would not be forgotten as from him came to the word Jew which is written as Yehudi. Judaism means also the religion of Yehudim. The moral teachings that come from the Bible have an emphasis on the faith of Judaism.