Jewish Sabbath

Making a research through history, you can find out about the Sabbath which is the day of worship that was given as a commandment by God. This command is very important because it is the day and time to have worship to God. The Jews celebrate the Sabbath understanding that it is a command that should be celebrated or keep until the end. But the Jewish Sabbath also has a difference from others who keep it. Jews also celebrate the Sabbath every week.

They begin the celebration on the evening of Friday and it will end on the night of Saturday. Just after sunset of Friday, the Jews began the Sabbath. One hour after the sun sets, it is the end of Sabbath. Sabbath is written in the fourth commandment among the ten. The practice of rest on the Sabbath is to commemorate the time when God has made the creation and then resting on the seventh day. He then gives it as the Sabbath day to be observed.

Jews usually use the Hebrew word Shabbat in pertaining to Sabbath. This day also serves as being reminded of the covenant Jews made with God to keep His commandments. It is also a time to be thankful to God. Jews regard the day as a special and they also could have a rest to be close to God. It is the time where no stress to be thought but a peaceful time. It is also the time families gather together.